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Maintenance Manuals

Useful for the maintenance work of your classic Mercedes Benz, in PDF format and immediate download.

Our cars also require certain routine and periodic maintenance to ensure their proper functioning in any condition. Some components wear out as a result of normal use and fail to perform their function optimally. Lubricants, filters and fluids must be checked or changed after a certain number of kilometers or miles. Lights, brakes and other components should be inspected periodically.

Fulfilling with regularity and prolixity these tasks the probability of suffering an unexpected damage will be minimal. If the work and controls of the vehicle are neglected increases the risk of unforeseen damage. In the case of a classic model, the benefits of proper maintenance are even greater, since its value is preserved, minimizing the deterioration produced by the years, while preserving the brand's safety and quality conditions.

Undoubtedly, a good service is the best way to preserve the quality of our vehicles beyond if it is done at the official dealer, in a private workshop or by ourselves. It is essential to keep in mind that a car that is preserved in good condition is reliable and retains a good resale value.

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