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The Mercedes Benz SL-Class R107 Series.

It is a sports car with roadster body that was manufactured between 1971 and 1989. The R107 (also known as W107) was developed after completing the production of the SL W113 familiarly known as Pagoda, in 1971. It retains some typical features of the SL as the central logo on the grill, the inclusion of a folding roof and the rigid roof in the form of a pagoda. It consists of two seats with option to a small and uncomfortable seat in the rear, so it was considered more like a roadster two-seater than a family sports coupe. In addition, the unique W107 V-8 engine that brought as an option to be provided with mechanical or automatic gearbox. Different versions were equipped with gasoline engines.

Actually, we have these manuals for the Mercedes Benz SL-Class, R107 Series:

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